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   To begin with, creating apps, just like developing any idea, requires defining a goal. This may be to increase the lifetime value of the customer, to simplify any systematic routine, perhaps to stimulate direct sales, etc. This is necessary to create a strategy, which will already be more accurately set objectives to achieve it. You can not do without understanding of the target audience, as well as its preferences. This issue is directly related to the choice of development technology. For example, if the owners of Apple products do not fall into the number of your users, then there is no need to waste effort and money on the development of a version for iOS. The applications themselves are divided into cross-platform and native. As a rule, a professional team for the development of a mobile application can handle any of the options, the main thing is to make the right choice at the start (and do not forget about a competent technical task).

   Cross-platform are applications whose development implies their use on different operating systems. This does not negate the presence of some native features and greatly expands the audience reach, but it can affect the stability of the work: the more devices, the less unique features and flexibility.

   In native applications, development is conducted for a particular hardware and software platform: iOS, Android, Windows (but only the first two dominate the market). Unique programming languages can be used, for example, iOS applications prefer to be written in Swift. This allows the use of all native technologies and hardware platform capabilities, which means the output can be higher performance, a better user interface and even better positioning in the application store (if this was the original purpose). Such applications have a double price for development. It is worthwhile to dwell on them in more detail.

What we can teach you

Developing apps for iOS and Android devices

Reasons to learn iOS app development

   Reasons to order an iOS app from KOLORO
iOS is an operating system for smartphones, tablets, players, which was developed by Apple in 2007. The peculiarity of the user interface was the direct manipulation using Multi-Touch gestures. The development of mobile applications for iOS influenced the design from other operating systems, which soon switched to Multi-Touch system in their applications.

   The platform has a number of advantages: an ergonomic interface, a convenient file system, enhanced security, functionality for people with disabilities, continuous optimization and user support. The advantages also include a huge selection of applications, the number of which has already exceeded 2 billion. 

Why develop apps for iOS? 

   iOS is one of the most popular platforms in the world. In the third quarter of 2016 alone, Apple sold more than 40.4 million devices, generating $42.4 billion in revenue.

   The Financial Times reports that Apple has reached a record 1 billion smartphones sold. In fact, one in eight people on the planet could have an Apple smartphone. That's a huge target audience that could be interested in your app.

What areas are suitable for the creation of a mobile iOS app? 

Who needs Android app development


1. Corporate business  

The mobile application will help to automate complex work processes: create a convenient system for interaction with staff and customers, analyze the effectiveness of work, and quickly receive feedback.  

2. E-commerce

The app will attract new customers and increase repeat sales, tell users about new products and promotions, and create a system of customer loyalty.

3. Startups  

It will help you quickly bring your idea to market and get your first profit, get investors interested, and study your audience with the help of the app's internal statistics.

Why do you need to develop an application?
1The ability to reach a large target audience - 88% of people use Android phones.

2. The variety of Android gadgets can completely replace the desktop, so users need convenient mobile applications.

3. You can implement any features that will help to keep in touch with users and increase sales.

4. The popularity of Google Play grows every year, which gives you the opportunity to enter new market segments.

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